Wednesday, 16 April 2014



FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong, has issued the following statement in his personal capacity in response to the article in "The Sunday Times" (26 January 2014 edition) titled "Singaporean 'not paid' to help Kasparov's bid to be world chess chief" :
(1) I entered into the Garry Kasparov-Ignatius Leong agreement ("the Agreement") in good faith to develop chess and chess programs specifically aimed at children in East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific region.
(2) under the Agreement, the Kasparov Chess Foundation ("KCF") would provide a substantial grant in a few tranches to the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia Pacific ("KCFAP") which is a non-profit entity. The grant was intended to support KCFAP's mission of promoting and encouraging the study and play of chess in East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific region as a means of intellectual development. ("the Project") It was expressly stipulated by KCF, and agreed to by KCFAP, that the grant was to be used only for the Project which would include only exclusively charitable or educational activities.
(3) the ASEAN Chess Academy Pte Ltd ("ACA"), a company which I am a sole director and  shareholder of, was established under the auspices of the ASEAN Chess Confederation for the purpose of promoting chess education in the ASEAN region. The Agreement stipulated that all and any funds allocated by KCFAP to ACA was, in turn, to be allocated and disbursed by ACA for chess programs and chess development in East Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific region. No other purpose for such funds was contemplated or agreed to.

(4) it was separately foreshadowed in the Agreement that in the event that the new FIDE leadership establishes a new FIDE office in Singapore in or after August 2014, some staff (including myself) would need to administer and oversee all the FIDE Commissions and their work for which a stipend would be paid by FIDE.

(5) I wish to categorically and unequivocally state that allegations that Garry Kasparov and myself of agreed to corruption, bribery and/or vote buying pursuant to the Agreement are false and wholly unfounded.

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